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Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and explore the globe.  The world is yours!

BC Tigers Go International

Benedict students have the opportunity to gain amazing learning experiences in other countries.

Options include week-long faculty-lead visits as well as semester-long courses abroad.

This site will share more on how you can take your education to an international level by studying in a foreign setting. 

Explore this website –to learn more about the resources available to help you to experience the world.

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“Life-Changing Experience!”

I had the opportunity to spend 9 days abroad with a cohort of over 20 other HBCU students (including students from Benedict College, Claflin University, and Voorhees College) as a part of the Liberia West Africa Fellowship Program. This service-learning trip allowed me to immerse myself in Liberian culture, serve in the communities, and gain a greater understanding of West Africa as a whole. Thank you to Planting A Seed International (PASI) for this life-changing experience!

   – Samya Epps


YOU should consider study abroad

The opportunity to study abroad is an amazing and rewarding experience.  

African-Americans have been traveling abroad to expand their horizons for decades.  Many students report that study abroad can be a life-changing experience that can also open many new career choices. Here are 5 reasons to do so.

  1. Expand employment opportunities. The top 10 employers are seeking graduates who can think critically and also have a global perspective.
  2. Broaden your experience. Travel outside the U.S. is an education in itself.
  3. Increase your income potential. Study abroad on your resume definitely gives you a competitive edge.
  4. Learn specific skills that are career-related. Learn a second language or do an international internship
  5. Gain new insights and outlooks while enjoying new relationships. By living in the country, you get an insider’s perspective on the social and political structure of your host country.

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The contributors in the guide below share their personal stories and travel expertise in order to provide every African American student with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to travel abroad safely, happily, and successfully.