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Germany is a country where the art of winemaking is woven into the very fabric of its culture. Beer may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Germany, but there is a region called Franconia that’s covered in ancient vineyards and deserves to be on your radar. Picture this: sun-kissed rolling hills, rows of lush vines, and the anticipation of tasting world-class wines in unique and intimate settings. Our adventure begins in Würzburg, the heart of Franconian wine country. It’s a city that serves as the perfect home base for exploring on your self guided wine tour. If you’re a wine lover seeking a journey through Germany’s finest wineries, look no further:

Würzburg: Your Enchanting Home Base

Nestled on the banks of the Main River, Würzburg is a charming city adorned with picturesque buildings. This city, famed for its wine festival and delectable local specialties, is the ideal starting point for your German wine odyssey. Stay at the newly opened Motel One for an affordable and comfortable home base. From there, you can venture into the surrounding regions, each offering a vinicultural experience that promises to ignite your passion for wine, even if you’re a casual sipper.

Weinparade Würzburg Wine Festival: A Grand Prelude

Begin your German wine tour at the renowned Weinparade Würzburg Wine Festival. Held annually at the end of summer, this festival is a celebration of local wines featuring a vibrant atmosphere filled with music, food, and, of course, incredible German wines. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance, and take advantage of the opportunity to try traditional German staples like Fränkische Fleischküchle and pretzels. The festival is in the center of town, so you can easily walk from Motel One.

A table of delicacies and delicious wine at Weinparade Würzburg

Sparkling Wine Tasting at Wein.Kultur.Gut Schloss Sommerhausen

Embark on a short journey to Wein.Kultur.Gut Schloss in Sommerhausen, a winery known for its exceptional sparkling wines. Indulge in a wine tasting session that includes some of the region’s best wines like Blauer Silvaner. You’ll learn about the art of winemaking from passionate vintners, and have the opportunity to enjoy a glass on their spacious patio where you can savor the effervescence of their meticulously crafted bubblies.

A stunning view of Sommerhausen from the vineyards of Wein.Kultur.Gut Schloss

Dinner at Vinothek/Restaurant Weinforum Franken: A Gastronomic Delight

A day of wine tasting can work up an appetite! Satiate your hunger with a luxurious dinner at the Vinothek/Restaurant Weinforum Franken. Pair your meal with local wines carefully curated by expert sommeliers. Enjoy the fusion of regional flavors and wines to create a culinary experience that complements the day’s wine explorations perfectly. The waiters speak English fluently, so feel free to ask for suggestions!

Visit the Winery & Cellar at Weingut Brennfleck: Behind the Scenes

Delve into the heart of winemaking with a guided tour of Weingut Brennfleck’s winery and cellar. Do yourself a favor and try the Silvaner! You’ll learn about the intricate processes involved in crafting their exquisite wines from this family run business. After 14 generations, they’ve got it down to an art.

Visit the winery & cellar at Weingut Brennfleck

Tasting amongst the vines at Weingut Schenk

Wine tasting at Weingut Schenk is a journey that transcends the ordinary by incorporating outdoor adventure and viniculture. This family-owned winery offers an intimate and authentic experience for wine enthusiasts where you can grab a packed picnic lunch and bottle of wine and hike through Randersacker, nestled amidst the scenic vineyards of Germany.

Explore the City Center & Monastery of Seligenstadt

Take a break from wine tasting to explore the historical city center and the enchanting monastery of Seligenstadt. Stroll through cobblestone streets, marvel at medieval architecture, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich heritage. Visit the monastery, a serene haven with a fascinating history, and have a stroll through their beautifully curated garden.

Explore the city center & monastery of Seligenstadt

As your wine tour through Germany comes to an end, you’ll carry the memories of delicious wines, delightful culinary experiences, and the warmth of German hospitality. Each winery, festival, and meal creates a memorable tapestry of flavors and moments, that you’ll be sure to remember long after you’ve left. The best part? You can relive the adventure by purchasing German wines on your next grocery run. Cheers to an unforgettable wine adventure in Germany!

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