Looking to hire a travel photographer for your next vacation and don’t know where to start? Flytographer has you covered! Read on for a review:

With the rise of social media, getting great photos on vacation is as important as nailing down an itinerary. Finding a destination photographer can be tricky, especially when visiting a place where you may not speak the language. This is where Flytographer comes in by making hiring a photographer while on vacation seamless. They have local photographers in over 350 destinations around the world! I did a Flytographer shoot in both Paris and New York City, so I’m excited to share more about the experience. I’m also excited to share an exclusive discount code for your next vacation photography session: use coupon code FRANCESCA50 for $50 off!

Hiring the right photographer:

I did a couples shoot with Rachael in Paris and she nailed it!

As a full time travel influencer, travel photography that captures a moment and tells a story is something I prioritize. My primary focus was to book with a photographer that matched my style, which was really easy to do! Once you select your destination, you’ll see a landing page with access to each individual photographer’s portfolio, reviews and a calendar of availability. Pro tip: try to book in advance to make sure you can snag a spot with your first choice photographer! Flytographer offers a range of packages for their photoshoots, from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The photoshoot experience

In both Paris and New York I went with the 60 minute shoot, which includes 30 photos and up to 2 different locations. If you are headed to a walkable destination, I highly recommend booking 60 minutes at a minimum so that your photographer can capture a variety of memories with different backgrounds. Also, 60 minutes is a great option if you’re camera shy and will need some time to warm up. The same goes for families – if you’re planning to book a shoot with children, you may want to book a longer shoot to make sure there’s ample time for the kids to warm up as well!

I did a solo shoot with Amanda in NYC during Fashion Week and it was such a fun experience

When it comes to the actual shoot, I can confidently say that being camera shy definitely shouldn’t deter you. If anything, it’s even more reason to book with Flytographer. Their photographers are experienced experts who are used to working will all kinds of personalities. Both photographers that I shot with were warm, friendly, patient, and ready to step in and guide poses during those awkward moments where I wasn’t sure how to move.

Why you should book a shoot with Flytographer

As I said, the photographers at Flytographer are incredibly professional and warm, which makes for a fun experience! They are also local to the areas they shoot in, so they know the best spots that you may not think of as a visitor. For example, during my shoot in New York City I wore a newspaper print dress because I wanted to pay homage to Sex and the City. Carrie’s original apartment from the TV show is blocked off for photos, but thanks to Flytographer that didn’t stop me from getting the iconic brownstone shot! My photographer knew exactly where to go, and you can’t even tell that it’s not the original location when you look at the pictures.

I got to have my “Carrie Bradshaw” moment thanks to Flytographer!

Another perk of booking a photoshoot with Flytographer is that you don’t have to rely on your tripod or strangers to capture memories. The beauty of the service is that they are equipped to handle all kinds of photoshoots, from surprise engagements, to lifestyle shoots, to unique headshots for creatives and entrepreneurs. And by setting aside a specific time for photos, you can win back some of that time during your vacation! They even handle the editing and send an organized digital photo album after the shoot. They also offer gift cards if you want to surprise a loved one with the gift of memories on their next vacation!

Would you do a vacation photoshoot with Flytographer? If so, don’t forget t use my code FRANCESCA50 for a discount on your shoot! And let us know how it goes in the comments!

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